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Offers for companies: complex introduction of TRIZ

At production companies, there regularly appears a need in solving problems of different degrees of complexity. These problems are solved quickly and effectively if TRIZ is accepted by a company as a standard innovative technology.

Production companies are offered a program of complex introduction of TRIZ. The program includes a stage-by-stage training of company employees in TRIZ and further support of TRIZ community activity.

TRIZ introduction measures

The initial stage of introducing TRIZ in a company includes:

  • First acquaintance of a wide range of employees with TRIZ by means of e-learning or a series of short workshops. Trainees study the TRIZ basics, general approaches to inventive problem solving and the minimal necessary set of methods and tools.
  • Advanced training workshops for the company’s specialists who have to solve inventive problems more often than the rest of the employees. Trainees acquire the skills of dealing with complicated problem situations and obtaining effective inventive solutions, study a wide spectrum of analytical and solving tools and methods.
  • Master classes for specialists forming a permanent TRIZ group. Master class participants solve problems in conditions which are maximally close to real consulting, under the guidance of an experienced TRIZ solver. The solving process is accompanied by the explanation of the fine points of the methods and approaches being used.

The training course can be adapted to specific needs of a company. It can be 20 hrs to 600 hrs long, offer different study depth of theoretical questions and include different number of examples and practical tasks.

The support of the TRIZ community activity includes:

  • The standard technology for solving inventive problems (based on AIPS algorithm). Using the standard technology makes the new idea generation process fast, effective and well-organized.
  • Regular participation of Target Invention solvers in solving problems jointly with the company’s specialists and members of a permanent TRIZ group (if any).
  • Creation and replenishment of the database of the solved company’s problems presented in the form of problem solving analysis for training purposes. Such problems serve as a good source of analogous solutions in a given subject area and can be used as examples and case studies for further training cycles.
  • Long-term methodical support. Customization of the methodical materials for a given subject area. Development of additional training materials. Presenting the solved company’s problems as case studies. Conducting additional workshops for in-depth study of individual aspects of the methods.


  • Each employee knows about TRIZ, has initial knowledge of the complex (inventive) problem solving methods, clear understanding of the terminology and main approaches to problem solving.
  • 1 to 3 specialists in each production/design team have a good preparation level and sufficient experience in TRIZ-based problem solving.
  • The company organizes a permanent team of TRIZ solvers. It includes 3 to 5 highly skilled specialists.
  • The company uses a single effective problem-solving algorithm which allows the solving process to be standardized.
  • The company increases its competitiveness through effective solving of problems and active patenting and implementation of new ideas.

Master TRIZ Nikolay Shpakovsky with trainees at POSCO TRIZ university
Master TRIZ Nikolay Shpakovsky with trainees at POSCO TRIZ university

Complex introduction of TRIZ
Complex introduction of TRIZ
Example of problem solving training materials
Example of problem solving training materials
Case study: inventive problem solving
Case study: inventive problem solving
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