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Practice of inventive problem solving. Consulting and training
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Consulting in inventive problem solving

Operating, perfecting and creating new machines and technologies are often accompanied by the occurrence of nontrivial problems. Such problems require “breakthrough” solutions, i.e., invention level solutions. Our company’s specialists are experienced in solving such problems.


We have at our disposal a great arsenal of methods for problem situation analysis and universal methods for technical system transformation developed on the basis of TRIZ. We work according to the algorithm of improving problem situations (AIPS) which is part of the Target Invention Problem Solving technology.

Owing to this strong methodical support we deal with problems from various branches of industry.

Types of solved problems

  • Elimination of equipment damages and breakdowns in production processes
  • Revealing of hidden defects and process bottlenecks
  • Reduction of production expenses, process simplification and rationalization
  • Increasing the equipment operation effectiveness
  • Development of new versions of technical systems and processes
  • Product quality improvement

Organization of work

For the work to be maximally effective, a close cooperation with the customer company engineers is implied. As a matter of fact, a one whole team deals with a problem. Target Invention solvers provide methodically correct implementation of a project while company engineers are responsible for information support. Solving ideas are proposed and discussed jointly.

The peculiarity of our approach to problem solving is as follows: our aim is obtaining a practical solution applicable to the specific production conditions of your company.

Target Invention consulting
Target Invention consulting
Case study: inventive problem solving
Case study: inventive problem solving
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